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We express the MJF Group’s philosophy of making business a matter of human service through collaborations and support of the work realized through Dilmah Conservation and MJF Charitable Foundation.

Kahawatte Plantations PLC – Annual Report 2021
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Dilmah Tea and Kahawatte Plantations donate High Dependency Care Unit to Nawalapitiya General Hospital

donate High Dependency Care Unit to Nawalapitiya General Hospital

The Merrill J. Fernando High Dependency Care Facility was inaugurated on 16th August 2021 at the, Nawalapitiya District General Hospital. The facility is funded by Dilmah Ceylon Tea Company Plc and its associate Kahawatte Plantations PLC with the facilitation of the MJF Charitable Foundation… Read More

Biochar Biochar Application

Biochar Application

Dilmah Tea started applying biochar – a nutrient rich soil enhancer which can also offset greenhouse emissions – to its plantations in 2010. Dilmah has also, started making its own biochar from...Read More

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Climate Reality and One Earth Center for Climate Change Research and Adaptation

Climate Reality and One Earth Center

Climate Reality is an initiative intended at building a nation-wide dialogue on what we should expect and prepare us for climate change....Read More

Endana Nature corridor  Endana Biodiversity Corridor

Endana Biodiversity Corridor

Biological corridors link natural habitats that have become fragmented and isolated because of human settlements and activities. They provide threatened endemic flora with a means of migrating between...Read More

Endana Nature Corridor 
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Wood pre heater

Dilmah believes that the sustainability of its estates is dependent on the welfare of its estate workers and the health of the ecosystem at large. At present, the use of agrochemicals and other forms of anthropogenic activities within tea plantations have major negative effects on biodiversity and water bodies in estates...Read More

Solar Radiation Collector

Solar Radiation Collector
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Hunuwela – Dragonfly Project Biodiversity Refuges

Hunuwela – Dragonfly Project

The Hunuwella Estate in Rathnapura Sri Lanka is located within an important biodiversity hotpot. It’s currently thought to be home to 28 species of dragonfly of which 17 are endemic...Read More