• Teas at Kahawatte Plantations

Specialty Teas

A selection of the best varieties from an exclusive range; products of supreme quality from plantations which produce the finest tea from Ceylon, the island celebrated for the world’s choicest tea.

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    A tea with a neat black leaf and a light, bright liquor

    Windsor Forest Estate - FBOP (Galamuduna)

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    A granular tea with small, even, jet black particles and the liquor, the deep orange of the setting sun.

    Windsor Forest Estate - BOPF (Galamuduna )

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    An attractive tea with a black, granular leaf and a liquor, both bright and coloury

    Windsor Forest Estate - BOP (Galamuduna )

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    The leaf, jet black, hard and curly, very even and a liquor which combines the best of coloury and the light bright.

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    A hard, black leaf, elegant and wiry, and the liquor, pale orange and both light and bright on the palate.

    Rilagala FBOP