• Cinnamon at Kahawatte Plantations


The Company owns one of the largest Ceylon Cinnamon Plantations on an extent of 270ha which produces 50MT on Ceylon Cinnamon annually at the Company’s Cinnamon Processing Centre.  The present cultivation has been Organic certified by the Control Union.

Expansion of the present Cinnamon extents, factory capacity and product differentiation has been included in the Company’s strategic way-forward plan.

  • This is made up of chosen parts of high quality cinnamon.

  • It is made up of the most expensive components of the rough Cinnamon bark.

  • This grade of Ceylon Cinnamon is highly sought after for its character, taste, smell and excellent flavor.

  • This is a popular grade that is greatly in demand for its smoothness, exquisite fragrance, pale yellow colour and sweet taste.

  • It is a prized grade of Ceylon Cinnamon that is by-far the most expensive. It is slender and brittle and abounds with a sweet taste, pleasant aroma and a powerful flavor.

    ALBA – 6 mm